Course Duration & Delivery

The courses will be conducted over the period of 24 months in virtual classroom platform. It consists of 4 semester

Unique Features

  • High Market Value & Industry wide recognition
  • Delivered by Industry experts and senior Faculty members
  • Video Conference based live Classes across India
  • LMS Based online training resources
  • Dual Certification

Benefits Of Online Classes


Attend classes and courses anywhere with a computer and access to internet


Online course materials can be accessed 24 hours a day every day

Global Knoledge

Students are exposed to knowledge shared by the instructor around the globe which cannot be learned in books

Students Control Study Time

Students may not have to sit for long periods of time. Lessons can be paused when needed, & notes read at will

Chance for interaction

Online courses may be less intimidation than the traditional classroom setting, 7 could help to increase student interaction

Cost Effective

It offers a lot of savings because there are no additional costs of transportation & accommodation

Better Opportunity

Students are given the opportunity to choose from various schools & courses

Student Centered

Every Student has his or her way of learning that works for them